SEO Strategies Changing Drastically in 2016

Tweaking your SEO strategy so that your business always appears at the top of the organic search results is a digital science. New updates are released by Google almost monthly and new trends and strategies need to be revised. According to Moz’s change history there were 13 updates to Google’s algorithm last year.

3wiredesigns is constantly adjusting SEO strategies for our clients based numerous factors. Here are several areas where you can expect BIG CHANGES to occur in the next year.

1. Optimizing for Mobile Traffic

It was predicted that mobile traffic would exceed desktop traffic in 2014. We’ve seen that come to fruition. Google feels that responsive websites provide the best user experience, and with the launch of Mobilegeddon, they implemented a “mobile-friendly” notation next to websites in mobile search results that are considered mobile friendly.

2. Adjusting your focus from Keywords to ROI

Is the goal of your Arkansas based company, to target useless keywords and achieve high rankings on reports that may or may not be resulting in sales? Or is your goal to have a successful campaign that shows tangible results responsible for revenue generating conversions. The bottom line is… Are you looking for a fancy PDF ranking report or do you want to know what your return on investment was?

3. Capitalizing on your Social Media Strategy

Social media was originally just a content sharing platform. It has now evolved into a powerhouse marketing and customer relations platform. Your social media audience expects your brand to be engaging with them on a personal level. Focusing on a few social-media platforms is much more effective that looking to make your mark on every social platform that exists. Not only are you able to manage it more effectively, but it also helps build a very loyal following that will share your content.

4. Earning Loyalty vs. Link Building

Inbound links are still KING! These hold a lot of weight in the SEO world of search rankings and are the most influential signal of trust and authority. However, building links on irrelevant blogs and chasing large quantities of pointless traffic to trick search engines have finally ended. Earning a single link on a high-quality relevant website is more valuable for SEO, attracting referral traffic, sales and company exposure than anything else.

5. Targeting industry specific keywords

Targeting broad keywords and search strings are not as beneficial as they once were. While they sometimes return huge search results, they don’t attract the traffic and customer base you are looking to acquire. Targeting long-tail search queries not only attracts qualified “buyer” traffic, but these keywords will have much less competition which means a greater ROI. Keyword research along with understanding the shopping and purchase patterns of the target consumer can help to identify search terms and phrases to go after. Arkansas companies will always crave organic search traffic and a strong SEO strategy is the method to drive that highly coveted traffic.