Webdesign & Development

More people access the internet through their mobile devices than on desktop computers, which means website design has to be approached differently. All of our websites are designed and developed on a Responsive Design framework which is preferred by Google search results. This framework allows the website to adapt to any screen size no matter the device. We make sure that every website is visually stunning with simplistic interface design and a (CMS) Content Management System for rapid changes.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Every business wants their website to appear in the top search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies work together to build effective search rankings by crawling your website content, web architecture, images, site structure and keywords to decide where it should be positioned. There are several hundred ranking factors that contribute to your position. We can audit your website and let you know what improvements need to be made.

Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO is very different from typical SEO services performed on your website. This information contains Google business listings, search directories, maps, social media influence and customer reviews. None of these items are managed on your website, but all of them have major impacts on your business and search traffic. Local SEO helps to boost your brand image and online reputation across not only your website, but other websites that link to yours. Effective local SEO strategies provide more avenues you can be found.

Social Media Marketing

We live in a social world where the new “word of mouth” is all done online. Social media has allowed individuals and businesses to interact with one another by building relationships and communities online. People now spend more time online through social media than any other form of technology. Promoting your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google+ all have their unique advantages. Each one is approached differently and they all have their own set of rules. Let us help you navigate them.

Lead Generation Techniques

B2B Companies struggle to create quality business leads and develop an online strategy to target their customers. We have worked with numerous companies to develop custom landing pages and target marketing strategies to increase customer conversion rates. We have experience in developing quality A/B strategies and implementing effective e-mail marketing and (CRM) Customer Relationship Management software to maximize your online marketing efforts. Let us show you how we can drive more traffic to your site.

Content Marketing

A consistent and effective content marketing strategy is probably the number one factor contributing to higher organic search rankings, increased audience engagement, improving brand awareness, and generating leads. This type of content sharing and delivery provide answers and information that people generally want to read more about. It also positions your company to be perceived as an expert in this industry. Let us help you establish a content marketing strategy that builds followers and create growth for your business.

Analytics & Conversion Rates

We can help you understand WHO your audience is and HOW to target them. Our data-driven approach helps us determine which metrics are most important and what actions we can take to help you convert more customers. We provide insight into what websites are driving traffic to you, what channels are more effective than others, what devices people are using most in order to access your website, and in some cases, why people are leaving. Let us help you develop a strategy to save time and money by targeting the right customers.

Email Marketing Strategies

One of the most cost effective ways to reach your customers is through Email Marketing. It provides a cost effective way for you to touch base with your audience, boost sales, and develop customer retention. Our interest capturing headlines, followed by visually stunning marketing campaigns sets up the perfect transition for you to introduce your company and the services you offer. We can monitor key metrics and send you reports on your Open Rates, Click Rates, and which landing pages were the most interesting to your viewers.

Video & Multimedia Marketing

Due to the staggering growth of social media, video marketing is one of the fastest growing trends right now. There are numerous advantages to incorporating video and multimedia into your marketing strategy including increased SEO rankings, the potential for viral growth on numerous social channels. The subscription rate for video based feeds is higher than any other customer retention platform. We help customers develop videos, multimedia logo stings, web commercials, intro videos, and product promotional videos.